spree lyrics – cryhavoc

you start whispering when i wake
quit speaking when the seal breaks
i taste a sweet & bitter taste

the more i drink the more i see
how clearly world opens to me
i can continue this everlasting spree

but i don’t need you to tell me how to drink
in the ocean of lies my boat will sink

you speak again when night falls
scream and shout when i crawl
whatever, i will loose this all

it doesn’t matter is it night or day
from cradle to grave goes this highway…
but god knows i won’t pray

i break the seal and say…
you leave when the bottle is in my hand
alone ’cause no one understands
alone sailing on a sea i can’t see the land
you are gone and the bottle is still my hand
alone in full crowd i stand
no one here can tell me where’s the land…
(’cause the pain comes inside)

drifting and drowning
seeking and finding the way to the land
or do i really want

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