sri-lanka lyrics – jack jersey

you are my shangri-la
hidden in the sun
recalling the land of my roots
when my life began.

you are my shangri-la
from this moment on
take me away in dreams to the
place i’ve been born
recall all my memories
that nearly have been gone

i say hey

this place i wanna stay
me and my baby
i’m sure i don’t mean maybe today.
i say oh

wish all my old friens would know
i’m almost in heaven

sri-lanka so don’t let me go
oh no.

sri-lanka you are my shangri-la

a golden memory.
regained in the sun
where i’ve found my key

sri-lanka i’ll spek your sinala
from this moment on and let me keep
pretending you’re the isle where i’ve been born
secret paradise
for dreamers like me on the run.

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