stabwound intercourse lyrics – gorgasm

bloodl*st drives my schizoid mind
s*x and murder are entwined
i love to watch the veins
pulsing in their necks
as i slash their throats
my d*ck becomes erect
stabbed in the chest
dead flesh is best
i will spill my seed
as i watch it bleed
bl**dy holes i love to f*ck
and my ten inch knife you’ll suck
when i shove it through
the back of your head
rip the clothes off the corpse
lying dead on the floor
brutally f*cked in every hole
use the carc*ss as my wh*r*
split their skin open wide
and hang them on a hook above
lacerate to lubricate
gush forth the crimson i love
in the sickest ways i defile
this bl**dy butchered human pile
the stench of gore is so sweet
lying bleeding at my feet
driven by my twisted urge
my flatulence will be your dirge
on your stiff i drop a stool
and make new f*ck holes with my tool
stabbed repeatedly with no remorse

i indulge in stabwound intercourse
necrophilia is my morbid fun
reaching climax
baptized with my c*m

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