stand alone lyrics – iced earth

listen not to ones who preach
those who feel you’re a freak
everything about you is wrong
you must be sick, you don’t belong

father said, worry not what they say
use your mind, your own free will
in a time when everyone follows
ignorance can kill

they only say what they want you to hear
half-truths have been twisted to conceal your fate
in a world of spoon-fed emotion
intelligence can save

stand alone
hear what i say
stand alone
you will seize the day

son, say what you mean, don’t be afraid
tell them how you feel, hear what i say
be true to yourself and true to your own
your spirit will crush the hearts of stone

stand alone
hear what i say
stand alone
it’s a leap of faith

stand alone
listen to what i say
stand alone
you’ll seize the day

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