stand or fall lyrics – glass tiger

if i could walk on the water
if only i could fly
over this border
to freedom before i die

a woman cries beside a wall
of names
a broken hearted witness
to the shame

she asks, “who will take the blame?”
she’s asking you and i
you and i
stand or fall–welcome to this promised land

stand or fall–don’t let it die at the hands of man
for it’s here we fall.
so deliver the children
with silence in their eyes

they carry the burden
of a world filled with lies
poison in our rivers, oil on the sand
the hunger cries of a homeless man

a rain of acid that burns our land
but where were you and i
you and i
oh come and walk by my side

together we’ll watch the
arms of the world open wide
for it’s nation time
nation time! go!

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