star above my bed lyrics – glassjaw


kneeling on my pillow, god, kneeling on my pillow.
i will see there. i will be there.
you and me. we die.
i will fracture.
i will capture.
you and me. we die.

look at pink roses full of black kind hearts.
it can’t compare to your beauty as you’re lying through your f*cking teeth.

why can’t i glow?

why dont you look at the roses, girl, from a black wedding bouquet?
can’t compare to you, you’re f*cking beauty.
’til you look to sway.

why can’t i glow? i’ll die.

i will be dead. i will see the dead. you and me… we die.

summer’s trudging closer, and a flurry of white as well.
it’s the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet i’m scared as h*ll.
but i don’t blame you.
i don’t blame you.

my god, am i the wrong one?
she’s a monster of mankind.

i, i see the f*cking manger.
on her flesh she left a warning.
and i said, “will i ever see all that’s coming through for me?”
and will i ever breathe?
we die.

i wasn’t a star lost.
my fine point has been turned into the warmth.
how to say this and why?
look into my eyes and shut the f*ck up.

why can’t i glow?

oh god. and it came towards the sin.
and it accentuates the sh*t my f*cking way.

shut the f*ck up.
you can see it in my eyes.
why can’t i glow?
shut up.

i will see there. i will be there.
where you and me. we. die.


leave and take my memories of her with you.
pack your sh*t and leave and take my memories of her with you.
(i don’t need to know)
.and take her f*cking with you.

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