staring into the abyss lyrics – negative plane

from the roaring chaos, formed the cosmic seas
and brought fire from the furnaces of the stars,
order wrought from the flames, a circle now complete;
the cycle of leviathan, a singular force, the ever-

this is the truth,
bound within the blackened texts
held in the rites of the wicked priests
in the dark rituals, the spilling of life blood,
satan’s eyes in the glow of the funeral pyres

stare deep into the layers of the abyss,
feel the deathly chill as it stares back at you,
eyes of red fire, penetrating gaze,
siren song of the colorless void

filled with the spirit of emptiness and hate,
an oath giving to the lord and a curse upon the cross

into the dark, transcend the light.
laws of steel, governing force,
surrender the spirit; a soul for fuel,
the devil’s flame to show the way

bound to the dark, flesh, spirit and mind
beings come forth, enter the soul,
twisting the mind, shaping the will,
one with the fire; worship, death, kill

bliss and redemption in the holy fires of h*ll

fly and be free, for the path of the viscious
leads to the gates of certain glorious destiny

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