stark honesty lyrics – discover america

if you want to be great when you’re not even good you got to strive to be misunderstood.
you must appear to know what no one else could know.
you gotta put on a show.
reality, it just don’t sell.
please don’t broadcast your personal h*ll.
if you really want to make it don’t be afraid to fake it.
n*body seems to care.
you’ve got to keep them to yourself – all those things that drag you down.
all the vibes you’re putting off – they just keep coming back around.
memo is out.
if you’re just tuning in stark honesty is a social sin.
don’t give yourself away.
no one should ever say what they really want to say.
and i know you’ve got your reasons but everyone’s pretending.
and it’s not like this is ending.
adjust. adjust. adjust.

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