start human slaughter lyrics – dead infection

[music: tocha / lyric: cyjan]

start human slaughter till the very end,
blessing of bl**dy god comes to grief.
in the dead of night helpless bodys
excrete their souls, it’s a sin of life.

tumour of rancid minds,
ungrateful destiny,
defective form of life.

prayers of holy priests are a swinish stuff,
here comes the evil to take human flesh.
vomited out rotten remains, question of present days,
eclipse of moon has come, night of dead despair.

n*body lives, slaughter has come,
holy ghost takes their minds.
n*body has believed in this nightmare,
it’s time to start human slaughter.

[lead: maly]
[lead: tocha]

crush your f*cking mind, you don’t see your face,
horror of your life is a sign of truth.

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