still eyes lyrics – havenside

still eyes…

what have i f*cking done
ive given the world my all
and seems like everyday
is a struggle for me
to even breath
despising you never kept me
from sinking into your lies

ive stood on my two feet
for what you dragged me into
now ive given my time
my time never mean’t for you

ill never find myself
never find my place again
im lying in the cold shadows

ive fallen short….in the eyes
im seeing ghost’s of what i should have done
they have embraced me
they have embraced me

to overcome your disbelief
take my life back
as if i never knew it
i hope i never
see your face again
i hope, i never
see your
face again

such incredible lies
i gotta take back my life

you under estimate my ways

you said i was a worthless piece of sh*t
but im still standing
with all the worlds eyes on me
im still holding strong
im still surviving

ive been living a cold
ive been abandoned by all hope
day by day
year by year
im still standing here
im still standing here
im still standing here

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