still from da hood lyrics – leng tch’e

i’m still kissaak from da same neighbourhood
if you want to be big and famous
that ain’t my business, it ain’t my problem
but if you have 5 villas and 30 cars
you shouldn’t be talking about how poor you used to be
boasting with your pool table and your swimming pool
you have gold hanging everywhere
and a rolex around each wrist

he’s still svencho, always lived on da street
you ask millions to sign contract
you’re just thinking about yourself
gain too much money for one lifetime
so you can buy a tv for each room

he’s still glenne who came right from da block
he’s still nico, grew up in the ghetto

you shouldn’t be whining about how still you care
about how you used to be a kid from the street
and how you still know where you came from
and how you’ll help with your success but you do nothing
he’s still qw, he knows where he came from

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