still ill lyrics – illmatic

ey yo i’m still wicked like ice cube i get loose
can’t stop till i get 6 crowns in the juicewho am i iz the ill m*th*f*cka
do or die we gives a f*ck m*th*f*ckerspittin’ fire gimme that mic so i can rock it
i got a million rhymes in my pocket till i stop iti drop it for the love of it i’m in it 2 win it
my rapstyle techniques kill yo azz inna minutecan i kick it yes you can
you f*cking with the wrong crew f*cking with the wrong mangodd*mn i swear you smell mc aroma
leave yo azz in the koma when i come around the cornerwhat the f*ck i rock yo block no question
the last thing you see in yo life is my reflectionyou can’t stand my action my perfection is godless
cuz when i’m on the mic m*th*f*cka you’re jobless

lemme hear you yo yo (yo, yo)
blaze sh*t iz all up in my flow
and a pop pop (pop, pop)
4 the hits i drop up in yo block
and what, what
4 the lyrics that i’m gonna shock
and woo, woo (woo, woo)
what you gonna do
lemme hear you hoho (ho, ho)
4 the illest rhymes up in my show
and a pump pump (pump, pump)
4 the funk i got up in my trunk
and a yes yes (yes, yes)
4 my cl*ss that n*body can mess
and woo woo (woo, woo)
what you wanna do
i’m the illest m*th*f*cka a live stormin your area
the ill m*ssaker lyrically blastin yatestin ya smokin yo azz like weed
i feed microphones with words till yo eyes bleedf*cked up no criminal straight up physicalillmatic is my name call me lyrical originaltime 4 open fire the mic iz my desire
takin you higher 2 my own empiremy entire family is blessed wid da gift
i don’t give a f*ck what the h*ll you sniffback 2 the essence get your lessons so come near
so i can f*ck your flow and stick my d*ck in your careeri’m here wid lyrical fitness h*t this wid a witness
don’t touch dat mic b*tch rap iz my businessi’m serious you betta call the cops f*ckin dummy
cuz i can’t stop till i see my *ss swim in money
ey yo i come thru to check me out 1-2 out the jungle
here he comes double trouble personal ready 2 rumblethe ill lyricist tung twist hyperactive
my style’s interactive m*ssive radioactivewhat the deal son ready to run up on a mc
life poet society kill my enemies verballythe prophecy it’s on the bomb ill the capricorn
transform like sp*wn come over you like a killa swarmon your marks get set go it’s time 2 set it
skillz you never get it cause you smell like a f*gottd*mned illmatic bringin the drama 2 yo mama
invincible karma eat yo azz like jeffrey dahmershine like crystal unstoppable like pistol
what the f*ck you want b*tch i’m unpredictablelisten i destroy fake ones like king kong
so lemme hear you yo yo just for my kingdom

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