still makin’ moves lyrics – c-murder

[little kevin]
hey cmurder, who you who you hang with?

say lil kevin boy, you know i’m still makin moves with thugs

[master p]
part 2 n*gg*!! haha all dem thugs get em up out there n*gg*

verse 1:
i leave the house 10 o clock and jump in my lac,
call my n*gg*s fiend n mac cause they got my back,
and even the one time you was tryin to hack,
i still pack a strap and rec*ck my gat,
eliminatin all my enemies tryin to blind me,
im still makin moves but it’s hard to find me,
steadily gettin richer pursuin my dreams,
i just cashed a check for three million d’s,
i told yall n*gg*s last year dont play no games,
got dem no limit n*gg*s out there callin my name,
went from sneakin in stores to dem sell out shows,
went from crime to rhyme already did my time,
i say you dont wanna go to war wit me,
i got hot boy n big swoll wit me,
just some more ghetto m*th*f*ckas ridin wit me,
cause makin moves wit thugs is a hobby,

[mo b. d*ck]
all my homies know tha deal,
if you thuggin keep it real,
dont forget to pack tha steel,
incase we got some caps to peel,
you know tha deal,
this thug’s for real,
we pack tha steel,
got caps to peel

verse 2:
[master p]
how many n*gg*s wanna ride wit me?
throw a party thug girls get wild wit me,
its involved wit green n*gg* bother p,
56 million like tha lottery,
from the charlotte h*rnets to mtv
how many patnas do you see when im on tv?
and if i get cut im gonna buy tha team,
cause i made my money from tha triple beam
i lived tha life of a dealer n*gg* hangin wit killas,
i f*cked around and come back to slangin keys,
but thats alright cause these n*gg*s get paid,
young n*gg*s gonna be thugs to the grave.


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