still river lyrics – butterfingers

climb up a pole like you’re told
raech the pinnacle top
ever rose right up high
like i’m supposed to obey
it’s miracle why?
i haven’t shown all my stripes
hey when i think i cannot sleep
getup’raged i face defeat
when i lost it all somehow
when i think of it
fill you own waste go away
never ever look back
before i spit in your face
would you agree that the
strong go eventually weak
once they’ve reached out a peak
hey when i think i cannot leave
pay off stashed in memories
when i get it all one day
when i think i hate
never felt so disgraced
anecdote of complaints
know that you’ve been a pain
cause all the sides are the same
hey when i think i cannot feel
killing all my enemies
if i set it off somehow
then i’ll think of it

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