still wonder lyrics – jonny lang

i wonder about her, i wonder where she went from here
still wonder about her, but nothing? s comin? in too clear
since she left me all alone my days go by like years

well i? m thinkin? about her and all the things she used to say
still i? m thinkin? about her but something? s getting in the way
i remember when she told me she would up and leave me someday

i drive around in circles through the city
just waitin? for the lights to change
but right about when midnight hits me
moonlight gets me feelin? kind of crazy

i wonder about her, does she still wear that same old ring
i still wonder about her and i know it ain? t no big thing
well she left me all alone now and i? m just waiting for my phone to ring

i? ve been dreaming about her, i guess i never really knew
that living without her was more than i could ever do
because she ain? t comin? back, no she ain? t comin? back
no she ain? t comin? back cause there’s nothin? left to come back to

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