stolen moments pt. ii lyrics – common sense

one day it’ll all make sense
stolen moments pt. iii
[featuring q-tip]
hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, who dat? hey, who dat?
hey, who dat? check it, what
hey sucka n*gg*, whoever you are(x2)
hey sucka n*gg*, hey sucka n*gg*
whoever you are, whoever you are

f*ck waitin under my skin, the situation is scr*pin
somewhat like the girl x-ratin
it’s hard to be patient with no vcr or playstation
knowing your rockports, somebody may be lacin
make me wanna leave the city when i can’t take a vacation
without somebody breakin in my demonstration
for some south side information, i search the n*gg*-net
it certain things about this i ain’t figure yet
dirt, the guy who stayed with me and had a set of keys
because his job had been stopped smokin weed
thursdays is off days, he usually watch his seed
for him to have done it, a babysitter and a car he would need
the stripper broad, my tv and couch, she couldn’t carry it
unless some n*gg* helped and that’s who she’ll get buried with
she was vegeterian and she wouldn’t have cooked chicken
i confronted her with it, to her story, she was stickin
the plot thickens, as we drove in search of this hype
who i ain’t know by name, but i knew by bike
chances of him breakin in, chillin and eatin
are about as slim as he is
though i knew where he lived
in his house with three kids, one i was cool with
as we roll, i told the guy, turn on the music
just as i thought i closed in on one suspect
the n*gg* who did it popped the tape in the deck

(excerpt from a movie)
just tell me why. don’t lie to me man, just tell me why
it’s the money, alright?
just tell me why
it’s the f*ckin money, alright?
reynoldo, shoot that piece of sh*t

know what i’m sayin. word up
it ain’t sweet when you do that sh*t(x7)

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