stoners night pt. 2 lyrics – juicy j

[verse 1-juicy j]
hold up, mane. hold up, mane. juicy j from taylor gang
rollin’ phantom, rollin’ dank. {re-}cologne, i know it stank
light it up, and hold a drank. hit the club, blowin’ bank
say you is, but i know you ain’t. getting money? no you ain’t
rollin’ cali green in a zig-zag paper
smokin’ on the back porch, who the d*mn neighbors?
lookin’ for a chick who just wanna have fun
let her hit the joint and put love on her tongue
inhale, exhale, go to jail, i’m postin’ bail
blue dream, i know it well. so much green, i’m growin’ sails
ounces on ounces, my connect, he got the deal
and he give me nothing but the illest, stoner’s night for real

[hook-wiz khalifa]
she rollin’ weed and she don’t even smoke [x 6]

[verse 2-wiz khalifa]
young wiz, people call me young wiz
roll up 20 zig-zags outta one zip
n*gg*s smoke zags over blunts
bet a blunt smoker smell what’s in my bag he gonna wanna hit
since a young n*gg* i was gettin’ lit
ridin’ in my black bonneville b*mpin’ three six
servin’ no seeds n*gg* no sticks
used to be the one rollin’ weed for my whole clique
now i’m buyin’ weed on some grown sh*t
when i say grown i’m talkin’ bout the man who grows it
lookin’ at my ring, look like i froze it
i’m smokin’ good in here so everybody knows it

[hook-wiz khalifa]

[verse 3-juicy j]
i’m ridin’ with my top back, my b*tch drunk, i’m smokin’ weed
i don’t know if they fo’ real, but she got double d’s
hand me two cups, you’ve got a {double d’s}
i don’t put it on if it ain’t double g
in the rolls royce chiefin’ on the trippy stick
i’m about to transform, take her home and give her d*ck
trippy trippy mane, i’m a specialist
if i let you hit the vape, then you a special chick
kief in the joint, i’ve been savin’ up
i’m about to buy a jet, i’ve been savin’ up
all the money i’ve been touchin’, i’m gettin’ paper cuts
ever since i put the blunts down i’ve been papered up

[hook-wiz khalifa]

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