stoney lodge lyrics – cage

man talking:
and this story just in from the wires of the *ssociated press
the incidents of mental illness in the united states appears to be on the
*he’s losing his mind!*
strapped to the bed
semi-conscious half in dead
spit on the head-nurse and got brushed like i smacked a fed
holdin’ me down while the nurse brought me drugs
took out the needle like roc raida and shot me up like courtney love
a f*ckin’ zombie on haldon, look how i’m walkin’
standin’ around like crowd patrols in boston
i’m running points, but the points not what my parents see
remember me? i pulled out my d*ck in group therapy
dust the gorilla till’ they p*ssed the glock to kong
and smacked around the ward and poured him a straight by dr. strong
manic, depressed slashed chest keep a eye full
sorry, lease on prozac makes my coler suicidal
no family visits at few
to the engine descending my fist on my stepdad’s f*ggot face for attention
and when a tear comes in the room like, what’s the matter?
i’m eating the brownies mom made then smacking her with the platter
*i wanna roll with the devil*
cage talking in backround:
nothing works here
i’ve been here for seven years
the medication don’t work
nothing works here
i’ve been here for seven years
i hate this place
i’m starting to adjust
holding my d*ck to escape the l*st
till’ these girls in group, explain their rapes and busts
switched to jeans
conformness with a different theme
my performance to my parents deserves a zipper meet
and after a year when they ask me why i’m still here
i’m like, this sh*t is college for my f*ckin’ rap career
new b*tch on the unit!
fine, f*ckin’ her first
put on suicide watch and jerk in front of the nurse
molested b*tch which tend to love beatings

doing ant hills of dope thinking it’s c*ke at drug meetings
and when she starts to f*cking seizure i’ma leave her
by the freezer while i’m taking breeders of ether with a fever
jack the phone calling my friends fake f*ggots
kicking the nurse in her t*ts when they throw me a straightjacket
that’s what you get, dumb b*tch, now you’re crying pet
while i’m waiting for the drugs to kick in like a dying vet
i’m getting desperate
i’m thinking my only exit
was jerking off in medicine cups and get this b*tch pregnant
i’m trying to make it through group with no jokes of sh*tting permitted
try signing yourself out and not getting committed
my family sessions go great, with a slap to the mouth
and my stepdad’s like: ‘you ain’t coming back to the house!’
look who’s the better patient
i went to rape the nurse in the nurse’s station
broke in and tossed the medication
on thanksgiving i stuck my d*ck in the turkey
and had the doctor on foreplay with my d*ck checking for herpes
doctor is strange, swinging the open locks
under a blanket while the whole unit tear me with soap and socks
a solid child, plotting to vile it’s style
talking to a wife allow bile like private pyle
teen geek with a girl, looking to f*ck her stuck out
holding my doctor hostage cause i can’t get the f*ck out
man 1 talking:
it’s hollow!
he’s loosing his mind
that’s the only explanation
man 2:
he’s gone berserk
the man is obviously a lunatic
man 1:
deprived that his actions can only be described as the ravings of a mad man
woman x3:
the patient has shown no progress
the medication is not working
man 2:
he’s gone berserk
the man is obviously a lunatic
the patient has shown no progress

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