storm the gates lyrics – kult ov azazel

i am the bringer of storms
the one who crucifies lords
west winds bellow heresies
storming vengeance upon humanity

crimson the blood that rains from the sky
angels of perfection butchered by might
i have walked in shadows of the past
ridden with demons amidst thunderous claps
conquered and divided nations with war
perverted society with religions of lore
gaze upon a world beyond the grave,
where blackened earth withers in decay
corrupting mortals with pleasure through pain
shattering cosmos, crushing heavenly domains
i was, am now and forever shall be
the hammer of force, the fire of immortality
slaughtering those that stand in my way
trying to obstruct my infernal destiny
on black wings of death and decay
riding winds of scorching blasphemy
i have come to enforce my will
with iron fist i reign supreme
be devastation my purpose is done
a soul of fire the heart of the storm
raining malevolence for all eternity
forever the tempest upon humanity

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