story lyrics (ft. young dolph) – gucci mane

[verse 1]
i got 25 pints in my book bag
25 ounces of that og gas
i got a mob full of young n*gg*s, og man
and i’m a paper route boy, and y’all not fed
i got the pretty white squares with the dragons
i made a half of mill’ bettin’ on the falcons
and i still give the dope to your daddy
comin’ up ’cause you know i f*ck your mamy
26 and straight 8 with the headband
gettin’ head from your mama, where the jim at?
red 4′s on a really black bentley
crip-blue fortune lookin’ just like pennies
low-weight n*gg* but a rhyme don’t scare this
just hit a lick so i’m finna spend plenty
all up in the club, i ain’t throwin’ them twenties
i at least made 20 mill’ on i20
20 years old, hittin’ 20 f*ckin’ licks
30 years old, gucci’s 20-year-old b*tch
act t-rose, only 30 years old
the suicide doors and a ride-or-die b*tch
got a call from my n*gg*s said daddy wanna bleach
tell me where you wanna come, that’s who he can meet
pillow with a mack 11 right up on the front seat
ain’t no n*gg* gon’ jump me, a n*gg* gon’ chump me

[verse 2]
just got a call that my dog got some steady
grab the car keys and the chopper’s out the attic
this the part of the game where sh*t gets tragic
n*gg* say he got problems, we gotta let him have it
bought a couple ak’s and a couple cars
with my dog been robbin’ now we got a couple problems
he wrong or he right, b*tch we shootin’ on sight
burn your mami’s house down the next morning catch a flight, aight?
check ’em out of here, hope he told his family good night
thanks to breaking down these bails i’mma live the good life
out in vegas partyin’ like ain’t sh*t happened
out here f*ckin’ with these b*tches tryna to see what’s happenin’
i hate b*tch-*ss n*gg*s with a p*ssion
i had to leave ain’t got time for no question-askin’
feet kicked up smokin’ and relaxin’
shoot a n*gg* *ss out, john paxen

[verse 3]
i’m the type of n*gg* that’ll shoot you in public
right up to a n*gg* that i robbed in public
i said “i heard you lookin’ for me” and he tried to change the subject
had that pistol in my briefs and he thought i went epic
upped the toll on him now he’s runnin’ through the public
somebody call the police ’cause they thought i was gon’ bust ’em
i ain’t give sh*t back, that is not up for discussion
he should’ve zone 6 boys ain’t to be trusted
i put love in and i take it, and he pull up in a cutl*ss
if the n*gg* had a roast then the p*ssy n*gg* lucky
i might pull up in a rolls royce, he pull up in a bucket
yeah, i robbed your home boy but i ain’t motherf*ckin’ duckin’
if you see me in the club better keep on truckin’
’cause these n*gg*s on the f*ck sh*t and i ain’t with the f*ckery
got a pistol on me now, back here it’s the crescent
matter of fact, 2 pistols, can’t let you get the best of me
it was 1998 when i first learned to wrestle
i was buying dope cooked, and those f*ckers was catchin’
get silly script, man the lord he was blessin’
got a car and then a teck, got a whole lot of weaponry
gotta be behind the door when i’m gone off the extasy
can’t pull a move, man, the n*gg* was finessin’
but i broke off and got a bigger number professionally
made my first second mil, put that pistol on that mexican

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