strangled and sodomized lyrics – visceral disgorge

i got an appet*te for abduction.
b*tch should have said no.
ripping her panties open, makes
my c*ck get swollen from hearing her scream.
her tight virgin *sshole will get filled with my cream.
her face gets beaten and stuffed with c*ck, motherf*cker.
she gurgles as i tighten my grip around her neck.
f*cking wh*r* this is what you get, you were made to
face turning blue as i shove my c*ck inside her *sshole.
no lube for this b*tch.
straight hate f*ck.
her eyes bloodshot as she tries to scream.
this b*tch will get my fist.
such a pleasure to beat you.
bl**dy face and broken teeth.
getting raped while you can’t breathe.
cyanosis of the skin starts to begin.
beaten strangled and f*cked in the *ss, rupturing her
she cries as her *sshole bleeds.
forced to lick her blood and sh*t off my d*ck before she
feeling her still warm dead skin against mine, makes me
*j*c*l*t* deep inside.
she’s left strangled and sodomized.

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