street lobotomy lyrics – body count


drugs, liquor, drugs! (4x’s)

i love to smoke crack
i love to shoot smack
i love to f*ckin’ drink
i love my smoke when it stinks.
i need it in my veins
i need it in my brain.
what has it done to me,
street lobotomy!

my brain – melted – down
brain – melted – down – lobotomy!

guitar solo

i need some more dope man. yeah got
any acid dude
got any ludes.


drugs, liquor, drugs? (3x’s)

i love to do blow
that’s the way to go.
you got some pcp?
how ’bout some lsd?
i’m havin’ lots of fun
i might as well use a gun
don’t even ask my why
maybe i wanna die!


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