strolling wolf lyrics – creatures

at dusk through wheat field
through the olive groves
and vineyards
insects like aeroplanes
fly past the strolling man
crackling spike plant
hovering hawk
all on the ground alive
take a swig of moonshine
listen to the madness whine
bulls and purple bees
listen to the lone wolf
take a swig of moonshine
taste it’s heady wine
bulls and purple bees
lone wolf howling
lone wolf howling
strolling wolf
strolling wolf
the morning star has long since gone
the sun is high in the sky
shadowless a figure stands
stranded on venus sands
up in the blue and circling
the seabirds watch and wait
for movement of a certain kind
down on their dinner plate
where children played
a flower lays
pulled and torn up by it’s roots
and where it stood the empty sp*ce
just screams…
down on the flats baby turtles race
for safety of the big deep
and white caps come crashing in
indifferent to tender flesh
shriek of attack then moving in
a raucous clash a gourmet din
of cruel gull beaks and tearing skin
lit by the evening star at venus sands
against a blood orange sky
there’s a shadow of a figure pr*ne
abandoned and all alone
venus sands

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