stunnas like my homies lyrics – young jeezy

chromed out 4 5
what we doin
gettin money
what dey doin
makin money
what we doin
gettin money
so i got 2 floss
cte still the lable
and jeezy the boss

vs 1
psycic mothaf*cka
yeah i can see tha future
talk bout me and a n*gg* might shootcha
serve da wrong n*gg* and da feds might swoop ya
jus bring 100k and dsa lot might coop ya
they tryna drive me crazy like dem boys gnarls barkly
mad ’cause my paper standin tall as charles barkley
cte mu f*cka we aint nothin like dem otha n*gg*s
try us if ya want and you be ova like dem other n*gg*s
i dont f*k wit busta n*gg*s either or suka n*gg*s
loud talkin as p*ssy muf*kin n*gg*s

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