stupid lyrics – dead to fall

yo logan, botgun that sheer!
get the vibe goin’ right in here.
gotta write a jam. the one everyone wants to hear.

crashing flowing swirling, right from the start
except not with those lyrics, we already have a song about a shark!

oh sh*t! it’s the death metal riff!
i better sing about some face ripping, cat-raping bullsh*t!

sit in my room and write about
some brutal sh*t i know i’m never gonna do!

we gotta make it thrash!
and make ’em bang their heads real fast
make sure this song is really f*cking stupid!

i think my vocals are pretty good
so far, and i’m kinda ripped, so for
this next part i’m gonna riff with the guitar.

2 minutes long, and fast as f*ck!
this song is sick, but missing one part
oh yeah what is that?

we gotta get the kids, moving,
circle pitting, and singing along.
i’ve got a really original idea,
of how i think we should end this song!

end this song… with
a f*cking breakdown!

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