subconscious deliverance lyrics – beheaded

(music: d.bugeja o.grech)
(words: d.bugeja)

crawling down obscure p*ssages in utter revulsion
deeper into vaults of metaphysical interception
radiant substances entrance this reign
lucid visions projected from an impetuous brain

(solo: david)

the scars that extinguished my will to be
i now behold before me
past and present infuse become one
hideously mutated, life’s undone
as i wallow hollowly inside this torture
through murky clouds of an adverse texture
ghostly beings evolve out of nothingness
despondent animations of embodied bitterness
unbelievable sights – my eroded sanity is at stake
within this timeless slumber there’s no awake
self-created purgatory – the peace i’ll never find
here my ravaged soul shall eternally be confined
travelling deeper inside this lunatic domain
all signs of life wither as i drown in pain
heedless of what shall dare decide my faith
for i’ve parted from a world i’ve learnt to hate
tired of life i crave for another existence
where flesh and bones no longer disturb my essence
not knowing what encounters lie waiting for me
i commit myself to this painstaking journey

(solo: david)

hatred rages oozing from my bleeding soul
washing away the anguish with a life full of woe
the scars and wounds that only time can heal
soon i will no longer be able to see nor feel
here is where my i now shall belong forevermore
amid these astral walls with a new life to explore
undisturbed for all eternity,
i’ll procreate in a realm where no
god shall ever dominate

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