sugar for my sugar lyrics – working title

it’s the right time to fall apart and take on whether
we should start over i’m over this i wish
we’re so destructive, break what we know we need
leave what we wouldn’t dare live without theres fire,
and i’ve been standing in red and black
i should’ve burned you out of my head with a stick and
the flames that surrounded the bed where you fixed
your arms like snakes onto his back…..i think i’m
gonna be sick

there’s nothing more distasteful than your spit in my
and the cognizance of my disposition due to the lack of
in my inner voice, my conscience, that you gave your
love, my love, to another
the sheets had burned away cracked and bleeding through
but now im scattered around
my pieces running to the ground, i believed you, but
you lied, and lied, and lied

i never threw you down like i always meant to but my
anger never comes through
quite like i mean it to and now im dancing around
screaming liar liar
but it’s much too late watching you fall from the tree
so beautiful and unprepared for what you already knew
but now i know that you’re just ugly through and

i stole your heart like the moon steals light from the
sun and you stole mine leaving me dark and alone

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