sugar lyrics – innpeach

(k-dee , pt lauren)
sugar makes me happy , so i cannot see
every single moran throwing dirt on me
i´ll change all these clothes and loose my head
there´s sugar waiting in my bed
i´m looking little blue , but turning red
so focus on the face , it´s not alive
but just a secret gesture-hive
hand in hand with a little girl i´ll waste her day
the naughty world made a modest man out of me anyway
steel all i have , i don´t care at all:
efficient way to smash the doll
and nothing´s worse than climbing on the wall
so if you really want me , here i am:
your own godd*mn superman
i´m worried , i´m breathtakingly sorry
for steeling your sensational glory
i need your face , your head
good night , they´re the sugar of my bed
sugar makes me happy , so i wrapped it up
in supersonic thought i mean , i blew the top
change all your friends for a day in bed
the other part of you´ll be red
but never major blue , you´re turning dead

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