summer of love lyrics – hi-standard

a long hot summer day.
not in ’69.
i met a girl on the beach.
with a tan of golden brown hair.
long hair.
we fell in love.
she was a gift from the salty air.
i couldn’t imagine the day she would leave my life.
oh god, my love is like ice cream.
the summer sunshine melts it away.
i’m so stupid, was it a dream?
it’s a bitter memory.
summer of love.
not only love, but everything i do has gone like this.
why’s that?
so many, many sh*tty things.
i don’t have the thing i really love.
i say i don’t mind.
but i really just pretend not to care.
life is long so i can’t cry all the time.
summer of love, summer of love, summer of love…

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