summoned by ancient wizards under a black moon lyrics – inquisition

rituals in the night under black moon skies.
i will open gates of unknown time.
i will breathe my fire towards the cosmic eye.
in the crypt shadows sounds of black arise
immortality i seek.
winds of death, thrones of black
call the ones as i chant
far beyond the end of sp*ce
i invoke the voice of time
summoning ancient gods
raising the torches high
master of all black arts give my
soul the wings
far before all time, far beyond all time
i shall fade away in the fire realm below…
stars that hide
endless time summoned by wizards
moon demons hear the call
eternal black thrones await
infinite i am an endless
like eternal flight through the cosmic sea
moon and stars of night i shall worship thee
you have granted me immortality of life
here in kingdoms of shadows eternity
remains dark and true… roam through realms of truth.
more ancient than time i am for i have no life of flesh…
death lives in time
mystic melodies of cryptic winds,
carry the voices of
fallen tears… fly, high, oh!
fly through stars of red fire, i fly beyond light.
total pagan worship at night
wizard voices summon moon skies
eclipse enshrouds ancient woodlands
mighty shadows flocking black wings
i am thy one summoned by thee
cosmic body grant me immortality.

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