superman lyrics – randy rogers band

i saw superman
sitting with his head in his hands
i offered my help very nicely
at first he declined politely
i persisted superman
why are you crying?
what can there to be so sad about,
when you’re so good at flying

he said…
oh peggy sue,
i don’t know what to do,
i keep being played by all the different actors,
some of them are great, and some of them are w*nkers,
i’ve been wearing the same outfit since the 30’s,
everyone else gets to change there clothes,
i still have to wear these…
everyone thinks it’s so great being superman,
i’ll tell you its a sham, i tell you its a sham,
everyone thinks it’s so great,
everyone thinks its super duper,
i don’t feel that much like a superman,
i feel more like a super loser

i said
lift you head up from your hands
i must admit you’re really looking at this the wrong way.
i know plenty of guys who would give their right foot and probably their left foot to,
just to be you.

he said,
oh peggy sue,
i get so very blue,
you see i’m in love with louis lane,
and she doesn’t even know my real name!
and all i really want is to have the right to wear my pants under neath my tights!
everyone thinks its so great being so great,
being superman,
i tell you its a sham!

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