supersoaker md50 lyrics – moistboyz

some motherf*ckin’ kid shot me
in the neck and broke my stride
supersoaker md50 useless for a suicide
six suburban f*ggots cruisin’ useless on a joyride
soakin’ down the p*sserby
laughin’ just in time to fly
i’m waitin’ for you on the curb, punk b*tches gonna die
strokin’ my .380 for a real f*ckin’ homicide
broken bottle in my hand
now i’m sure you’ll understand
your water pistols can’t disguise
the symbol of the world’s demise
my eyes are bleedin’ ‘cuz they’re burning
now ‘cuz i’m screaming heads are turning
only kids just having fun
laughing water in the sun
but mom, i’m gonna cut your boy
for playin’ with a stupid toy
f*ckin’ with a man
who has to take a stand
against those fake motherf*ckin’ p*ss*es
gettin’ d*ckie as mad as f*ck
jarheads, my pipe wrench takes
the windshield off your f*ckin’ truck
gl*ss in your face
nose in the dash
i’m laughin’ like a maniac
as i watch you crash

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