surreal lyrics – jebb carter

there she stood alone on the side of the road
looking for the answer to what she had been told
does there have to be reason?
she wonder in her mind
she thinks that she’s in love
but what she doesn’t see i’ll find
i told you that i’d be tere forever all along
if i had to disappoint you, you know i could’t carry on
my love for my sisteris why i stayed so strong

and i see
and i feel
this innocence surreal
and i know
in time
it will slowly ease my mind

it started with a promise
and unbroken bond
i made to my father
before he p*ssed on
“you know you’ve got to be there for her after i’m gone if she falls short of anything
you got to help her play on”
itold him that i’d be there forever all along

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