survival of the illest intro lyrics – ja rule

yeah! uh, it’s on now, haha
yeah, haha, ja rule
n*gg*s let me in baby, it’s on now
my n*gg*s
def jam n*gg*s, russel simmons n*gg*s
leo cole, haha yeah
real sh*t, all my thug n*gg*s
big pre, big chaz, motherf*ckin black hands
check it

[verse 1]
for the first time in my life, i feel the love from my
b*tches and thugs, spit game and throw slugs
it’s the ruler, live by, take it in blood
cuz it’s the j to the a to the death n*gg* what
don’t get it f*cked up, i’m as hot as it gets
i make hits while y’all n*gg*s best sh*t be the skits
can’t be serious, tryin to see ja with blindfolds
i take em off, i’m lookin at you with your eyes closed
you can’t see to know, my n*gg*s get dough
live fast, set you up and rob you slow
can i, be forgave for cursin your name?
will i, be the last n*gg* to shed my pain?
if not, i’m a spit flames till i’m dead and the angels sing
cuz when you hot that’s what this game’ll bring
and i’m sick with this, my flow is f*ckin ridiculous
when ja’s on the premesis n*gg*s is gon get it
for the fearless, you a little hard headed, you needs to feel it
clap on em, let these n*gg*s know you dead serious
n*gg*s comin at who? ja rule?
n*gg* what the f*ck, you brand new? you ain’t know?
hoes get d*cked, properly dealt with
meanin you die slow, like i’m givin out hives in stereo
clue, world cl*ss dinero, dress it up
put it on the streets like rock that’s chopped up
what the f*ck?

yeah, all my n*gg*s locked down
chris black, black child, big snails
robo jus, big rail
yeah, all my n*gg*s

[verse 2]
this young blood here came up hustlin
livin corrupted, lickin shots and f*ckin
you live to love it, once you’re armor all-in
your low pros on your west c 400
residential rolly flooded, with carats
time to get this pimp sh*t established
you hoes don’t know? i’m extravagant livin lavish
alias don (?) barnes, hun, funds unlimited
backed by my ‘preme team crime representatives
we in this, to settle some sure unfinished business
with deadly intentions, redemption
rollin live rovers with new suspension, over n*gg*s
when i quest for nine digit figures
b*tch, we poppin cham’, cristal, caddy corner from jigga
yeah, we them provacative, million dollar click n*gg*s
up the emmys, prefer crew with linen
love the devil and women i keep em sinnin
god forgive me, just as filthy as the next n*gg*
no excuses, but just put in work for lex lugers
laptop computers, the power of smack
this wasn’t compton, look how they sn*tched black on falls back
i feel that, you like a part of me that i need back
in prison, out of control but driven
>from the island to clinton, down state to up state
the cell sh*t could mentally frustrate
with all gray, crimi-nals
show strength, consolidate with the best a y’all
no doubt, so as we eagerly await your come out
i’m constantly avoidin comin in
but either way we gon walk again, side by side
cmc till i die
when they setenced you five, my heart died
two loves n*gg*s

uh, irv gotti, yeah jigga
ha, my n*gg* o
live fast die slow, motherf*ckers
dmx, ruff ryders, huh, top dog
sendin n*gg*s to the morgue
def jam, comin through, my n*gg* clue
what the f*ck? jaz n*gg*s
yo, yo it’s f*ckin ja rule here to let y’all b*tches know
def jam presents, survival of the illest
dmx, it’s dark and h*ll is hot, in stores now n*gg*s
onyx, shut em the f*ck down, june 2nd
motherf*ckin def squad, prepare for the storm n*gg*s
el nino, june 30th
survival of the f*ckin illest
this is def jam n*gg*s, recognize, we out

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