swallow (or it’s going in your eye) lyrics – footprints in the custard

swallow or it’s going in your eye
stings so bad you wish you could die
felt this pain a million times
can’t escape the bloodshot line
gargle or it’s going up your nose
in your hair and down your clothes
’cause the contents of my scr*t*
will be emptied down my throat

you need to find in your mind
a way to taste my glue

swallow or it’s going in your eye
can’t resist but at least you can try
feel my thrusting pole
explode out of control
comply or it’s going in your ears
a sensation at the peak of your fears
’cause i know you’re the one
that i want to explode upon

swallow, swallow, swallow my j*zz

/ footprints in the custard lyrics