sweet hitch-hiker lyrics – creedence clearwater revival

was ridin’ along side the high-way

rollin’ up the country side.
thinkin’ i’m the devil’s heat wave

what you burn in your crazy mind ?
saw a slight distraction standing by the road

she was smilin’ there
yellow in her hair

do you wanna
i was thinkin’ would you care.

sweet hitch(a)-hiker

we could make music at the greasy king.
sweet hitch-hiker

won’t you ride on my fast machine ?

cruisin’ on thru the junction

i’m flyin’ ’bout the speed of sound

noticin’ peculiar function

ain’t no roller coaster show me down
i turned away to see her
woa ! she caught my eye

but i was rollin’ down
movin’ too fast;
do you wanna
she was thinkin’
can it last.

sweet hitch(a)-hiker…

was busted up a long the high-way
i’m the sadest ridin’ fool alive.
wond’ring regoin’ my way

won’t you give a poor boy a ride ?
here she comes aridin’ lord
she’s flyin’ high.
but she was rollin’ down
movin’ too fast

do you wanna
she was thinkin’
can i last.

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