t – haters lyrics – ice

[ice-t impersonating his player haters]
yo n*gg*, this club is whack as sh*t
word man, make sh*t as bullsh*t
i’m telling you man
ain’t nothing up in here but some buster-*ss n*gg*z
man, f*ck these n*gg*z, right f*ck them
these scary *ss wh*r*s ain’t trying to give a n*gg* no rhythm
f*cking *ss b*tch, f*ck these b*tches
let me stop this b*tch here
i ain’t supposed to know that’s a f*cking wig
tired *ss b*tch, b*tch got weaves and sh*t
trife *ss, wh*r* *ss, b*tch
all these n*gg*z up in here ain’t nothing but some motherf*cking marks
f*ck them, right, f*ck these n*gg*z
ain’t that, that yellow n*gg* ice-t?
f*ck him, h*ll yeah, punk *ss b*tch
that n*gg* doesn’t know n*body
who the f*ck the motherf*cker thinks he is?
f*ck him, that n*gg* got all jewels and sh*t like the n*gg* can’t get got
suck my d*ck! i give a f*ck man!
n*gg* we should get that n*gg* right now, man
let that n*gg* know what f*cking time it is!

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