t.s.r. (toilet stool rap) lyrics – biz markie


ah yeah

now check it out

i would walk into the bathroom to take a cr*p
i sit down, and then i write me a toilet stool rap
whether i’m constipated or have diarrhea
i always come out with a funky fresh idea
even if you don’t think it’s funky fresh, and
to all the little kids i’m makin a good impression
cause a lot of my hits are written on the john
i hope my legendary style of rap lives on
this’s a hidden secret where cl*ssics come from
everybody has done it, even my man run
only in there i am the king of the throne
hey, hey, you know i can’t be alone
no girls, no guys, no dogs, no cats
no parents, no nieces, no nephews, no brats
that’s the only way that i can get privacy
and you know where i write my funky fresh rhymes live, you see…

me sittin on a toilet
waitin for my bowels to move
i got a doodoo rap
i got a doodoo…

yo, bust it
let me tell you a little something bout this episode
it was four in the morning, chillin on my commode
it was me, my pad, and pen, and my bad breath
all of a sudden i came up with somethin that was real def
i was thinkin, what a real beatbox could do
what if i put a hype beat with the “p-pf 1-2”?
then i write some words, so i really can use it
i think i would name this one make the music
like if i was the man that they call clark kent
cause i go into the bathroom for rhymes i invent
then i come out on stage like superman
but never show the people my masterplan
instead of movin towels, or movin vowels
only think i’m doin, is movin bowels
a tv in the bathroom just might spoil it
only thing i can say is…

i’m sittin on a toilet
waitin for my bowels to move

i got a doodoo rap
i got a doodoo

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