take a hike lyrics – kickback

written by hal hollander
stop telling lies baby, i don’t want to hear it
you and i both know you don’t speak the truth
it doesn’t matter where you go or what you’re doin
the only thing that matters boy is we are through
for a time, i was blinded by your stories
but your actions speak louder than words
you’re not the kind of person i wanna spend my life with
i want a man who will be there when it hurts
so, take a hike baby, hit the road jack
take a long walk off a very short pier
grab a greyhound, leave on a jet plane
hop a frieght train, just don’t stay here

it’s finally time for me to go my own way
i’m sick & tired and i got nothin left to say
but there’s no need for me to be in a hurry
i’ll hang around to watch you plead beg and scurry
the sun is shining there’s a smile on my face
i got my freedom and my own space
i’ve got places to go and things to do
and i sure don’t need you around, so
verse 2

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