take it lyrics – cassidy

shake it i want to see you shake it
i aint gon fake it i want to see you naked it
girl you got figure make a n*gg* want to taste it
lay your face on the pillow cases
and see if you can take it

verse 1
yeah dis cat in the business
600 on the back of my benzes
it’s nothin
i lay back in my drop and get my roll on
i took my old jon back to the lot like take it
and my ****** be mind blown
big face watch 5 different time zones
and they aint rinestones
they a couple of thou
and this just one of my styles so take it

daddy you know i want to shake it
the way i shake it make you want to break it
aint nothin stop frontin what’s poppin boo
if you want it all you got to do is come take it
daddy i know you gon make it
and when you make it you still gon take it
stand up if you makin somethin
stand up if you takin somethin ok?

verse 2
some n*gg*s want to live this life but can’t live it
i know what it’s like to want it and can’t get it
i know what it’s like to be broke
that’s why everytime i get a good price on a *****
ima take it
everything i write is a quote
and for that b*tta you be bitin the toast
i’m back on my grissel and my raps official
any chance i get to clap my ***** man ima take it
you should ride for ya man and if worst come to worst
you should die for ya man
but if i run up and pull it and shoot at your man
would you jump in front of the bullet and take it


if it aint one thing d*mn it’s anotha
hand in hand i sold grams of b*tta
man i was drug dealin ’cause i love the feelin of handin a couple grand
to my motha like take it
look i’m off the chain
i get all the b*tches all the brain
my sound goin down in the hall of fame
and all yall gon call the name c*ssidy
and ima take it flip it bounce it and switch it up
i take herbs by tha ounces and twist it up
listen up wit the mic in my hand it’s like i got ya life in my hands and
ima take it


take it!

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