talk to you lyrics – birth control

talk to you, lord gimme a sign
cos’ a pious groupie’s what i call mine
oh, late in the night, spirits were high
she got into ecstasy over you, lord

oh, lord i’m enraged, take it from me
cos’ that pretty little girl told that she loves me
oh, lord she strikes me dumb, but i know in real
know in real that she knows what she’s about

she want a parthenogenesis
but i can’t help ’cause i’m not jesus
she want a parthenogenesis
she keeps me waitin’, yes, i’m caught in a quag
no, i can’t get it off my mind
she keeps me waitin’ and i feel it’s a drag
’cause i can’t find the way to her fool’s paradise

parthenogenesis like 2000 years ago
born to a maiden untouched
mary didn’t know what happened to her
but this girl is askin’ too much
i’m talkin’ about virgin birth
a virgin birth cannot be wished
if it can be done at all, a chosen girl
but that ain’t you
so love me and forget it all

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