talking in code lyrics – boomtown rats

why are you talking in code?
you talk so loud sometimes we don’t understand
c’mon give us a sign
wave us a flag or flash me an eye
cos i need you tonight
i need you right now
i got sweat on my mind
but you’re taking your time
yeah kiss where it stings c’mon show me a time
but when you talk in code and you talk in signs
wave those hands
and you flash those eyes
i don’t understand when you blind me with science
you talk in code
talking keep talkin’

decipher me now
describe me an arc with a low point or two
ah cough me a code
astonish me dear with a new point of view
yes it’s all in your hands
the wristw*tch frisco is in action again
ah well i like you i think
it varies so much sometimes it really depends on
if you talk in code… etc.

and then if a = b
sometimes what you say isn’t all that it seems
and if c = 3
inscrutable view with a new slant on things
ah semaph*r* girl
i love the taste of you dressed up in green
but you’re talking in code
i don’t understand but i won’t make a scene
cos when you… etc.

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