tank of propaine lyrics – lil’ b

tank of propaine

this is what happens when you have so many b*tches
you get depressed and go insane
oh my god based god, yeah

i got b*tches, this real b*tch music
f*ck hating suckas i got the girls to prove it
my b*tch look good, she the same as color as a buick
f*ck is you doin’
them b*tches ain’t choosin’
they love the based god, the b*tch is not a groupie
i met the based god and no he’s not stupid
he said he’ll tie me to a tank of propane (the game)
king of the hill based god, b*tches call me a-rod
ask me ’bout the clique man, b*tch mob
lil b is in b*tch mob
based god supports the b*tch mob
everybody know that based f*cked my b*tch huh
everybody know that i still rep the clique huh
shout out (laugh) (meh)
man she still suck my d*ck huh
young based god, i gotta beautiful b*tch mob
watchu’ wanna do boy, i still f*ck your b*tch…
scuba diving swag and the based god the ruler yeah


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