tantalized lyrics – church

god i’ve been asleep so long, i’ve been away
back from software limbo the natives call today
i let their promises bind me
i let seductive logic blind me
i embraced a machine, i went through the routine
and i hid from the people who were trying to find me
till the day comes when you realize
otherwise you never care
pandora’s box reveals a new surprise
can’t wait to see your eyes, now you’ve been tantalized
for a hundred and one voluptuous days i broke the law
the labyrinth was closing so we panicked up a door
i let their wanton flesh obsess me
i felt their dreams and drugs *ssess me
i was hired and fired yet never inspired
flattering, chattering words to impress me
all that glittered had me mesmerized
otherwise i would have dared
guess the nature of our enterprise
can’t stop to sympathize, how you’ve been tantalized
i turned up in some harsh doomed city on another plane
i couldn’t believe the room i got or the guests i entertained
i felt the dirty streets surround me
i let the buzzing swarm confound me
i gave money to ghosts, i insulted my hosts
i could never get off the stuff that spellbound me

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