tell me what you see lyrics – harket morten

tell me what you see, when you look at me
a g that’s me, i don’t know why
i live my life, like i don’t care, i don’t care

nothing but good intentions, when i started out as a kid
living my life but when it happened, i couldn’t understand what mama did
leave me, it wasn’t easy, it was hard
everybody was looking unhappy, but i was looking for god
receiving beatings on a daily basis, for c’s and d’s
if it wasn’t the honor roll, my father wasn’t f*cking with me
herm clark to south park, to ridgemont 4
that’s where the devil developed, the christian killa called ‘ro
an adduction to dro and drank, heavy on the sherm
and you don’t wanna get fronted by joseph, cause his turns burn
n*gg* f*ck you pay me, but its been slow round here ‘ro
n*gg* f*ck you pay me, before you become part of the flo’
and i ain’t playing no games, cause ain’t n*body ever played with me
trusted n*body, even my people that done stayed with me
out to get me, that’s how i feel about y’all
just give me my ten, or you fin to see what my steel about dog
five fingers on my right, and that’s how many n*gg*s i trust
eugene, jordan, mexican d and d.p., d-los sipping purple stuff
a drug addict, that’s how i’m feeling right now
another numb n*gg*, cause i ain’t got no feelings right now
don’t give a f*ck about nothing, its like i’m living to die
i let a woman through in my mind, now i’m unable to cry
your feelings is your feelings, but my feelings is gone
cause when a n*gg* needed your feelings, your feelings wasn’t shown
now i smoke weed rolling around, aimlessly
take pride in whooping n*gg*s, beat they *ss shamelessly
dorothy marie send me a sign, are you proud of your boy
ain’t got no mansion or no bentley, just a crib and a car
i wish i had a million dollas, but i got me some cash
i might not be from river oaks, but i still got me some cl*ss
and when i say i’m dying i’m dying, you ain’t gotta try to do me
i guess dentist was nervous, and tried to help somebody sue me
who that thug n*gg*, moving units state to state
i-10 connected with weight, but now replaced by tapes
and c.d.’s, i’m s.u.c till i d-i-e
affilliated with c-r-i-p’s, and b-l double o-d’s
i’m not a gangsta, i just lean like that
able to unload, and flee the murder scene like that
call me what you wanna, call me crazy baby
but you ain’t been paying no bills, where i lay my head lately baby
don’t know nothing about me, just know that i be rapping
just know that you see me, everytime another murder happen
my grand finale, that’s when i lay me down to sleep
until then i rest, and so i creep
to and fro, seeking who i may devour
i ain’t a devil, but a god in search of his power
so when you look at me, tell me what you think about
crackers killing they self, over sh*t i smoke and drink about

[chorus – 2x]

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