ten ton load lyrics – hank williams jr.

well i pulled out of georgia with a ten ton load
i’m headin’ down the cold stone that black topper road
looked out the window at the sky up above
sat back and i thought of the life that i love
now you can give a banker a nice easy seat
and you can give the sailor all those sea that he meet
but when it comes to drive and just leave that of me
cause i know in my heart it’s my destiny
the love of a woman now i’ll never see
cause dark nights and city lights keep on calling me
i’m headin’ down to florida on this black top road
got a high wide rig with a ten ton load
well i met a lotta people and i seen a lotta towns
but this rig is my palace and the highway’s my crown
i’ll never give up this truck driving life
for a son to call me daddy or a sweet loving wife
all you people have heard my story when i’m in my cab well i’m in my glory
now it may be hard for some to understand
i was born and i’ll die the truck driving man
i was born and i’ll die the six wheeler man
i was born and i’ll die the truck driving man

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