tender is the night lyrics – celtic thunder

lonely is the night,
when you’re dreaming all alone.
dreaming of the one,
the one that you can call your own.
but now at last, i’ve found
the love that i’ve been searching for,
and ev’rything feels right,
when you hold me tight,
tender is the night.

after all this time,
after all the loneliness
yearning for your touch
yearning for your tenderness
now at last i’ve found
the magic of your sweet caress
and ev’rything feels right
when you hold me tight
tender is the night.

you have made my spirit whole,
and you have touched my very soul
your love just shook me to the core,
opened ev’ry door,
made me cry for more…

i believe in love,
just as i believe in you,
and in the power above
to make our ev’ry dream come true
and i believe that we
will love until eternity,
the future seems so bright,
when you hold me tight
tender is the night.

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