tha streets lyrics – bizzy bone

-bizzy bone-intro-

rest in peace, karlos shammar davis. 7th sign soldier. a.k.a. low down. rest in peace, n*gg*. i love you. yeah. it’s just the dirty seven in this motherf*cker, killers incorporated motherf*cker. ha ha… little capo in this b*tch. rasu in this motherf*cker. mo! thug millenium, thugline. n*gg* what? bring yellow n*gg*s back in style b

-bizzy bone-

the streets smothered me, crack smothered me and the brothers/ i want to move out of this country, get away from ya motherf*ckers/ momma was cheatin’ and sleepin’ with somebody elses n*gg*/ a b*st*rd is born quick, lil’ b got half sisters/ liquor ridiculous, watchin’ my n*gg*s die quickly/ speak from the spirit, they comin’ with me/ and that’s for runnin’ with me, dirty money, i’m still hungry/ club n*gg*s is yuppies, guppies f*ckin’ these little baby puppies/ fresh outta prison, n*gg* rusty, but i’m mackin’ none-the-less/ bullet’s is followin’ but bizzy is feelin’ lucky/ so why you muggin’ me thug, you really ain’t buggin’ me b*tch/ and little capo keep lookin’ that’s cause he really love me/ the streets smothered me, crack smothered me and the brothers/ i want to move out of this country, get away from motherf*ckers/ nine millimeter, it don’t cover me, i’m caught up in this motherf*ckin’ f*ckery/ 7th sign, n*gg*

-h.i.t.l.a.h. capo-confuscious-chorus-

only god is us, homie rolly, in god we trust/ god bless my n*gg*s, thug luv (h*ll yea)/ only way that we gon’ ever get to rise, togetherness as we ride till we meet out demise

-h.i.t.l.a.h. capo-confuscious-

twenty two years and still countin’ clockin’ collatoral, baffled while we really here up against obsticles/ i’m a radical, killer capo-confuscious, throw up my fist if we compatible/ no love? f*ck it, then let’s battle/ ammo explode, machine gun rattle/ everybody scatter, hysterical/ sirens, police patrol (whoa!) but they keep on rollin’ soon as they see that this o.g. to back controllin’ the streets/ probablly some real n*gg*s, got me heated, state your beef/ these b*tches need to practice what they preach, capice? rest in peace martin luther king, who truly was a bigger man than me, turned the other cheek/ n*gg*, please! generation x is more than the weak, just a little sneak peek preview of what i came to do/ simply dominate, won’t tolerate, dispute/ nickel plated, aim to shoot ’em up/ suggest you p*ssy’s keep your lip shut or get f*cked


-prince rasu-

united we stand, divided we fall for the same bullsh*t like snipers on whitehouse lawns/ in the same ‘hood sh*t, got n*gg*s from compton to africa on that thug sh*t/ reginold deny, any comment i lost my blood reppin’ karlos davis/ i can’t love sh*t unless the fullest extent is given/ i’m above this deception, i know they intentions/ weapons of thug sh*t if ever they step out of line/ from ashes to dust, b*tch! ride, never been far from the grave, since the murder, never been afraid/ my cradle had a guage close by when my father was stressed/ momma asked him to leave as she departed to death/ and ever since, i’ve been convinced that it’s kill or be killed/ had the young mind of a scholar, but society failed/ josiah ben rasu, they caged my brother back in ’96 but now in armageddon we ridin’ forever


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