that wonton lyrics – honey cocaine

she p*ss hoes, f*ck it we gas hoes,
heard you claim you… smack me,
let’s see how that goes.
why you’re tryin to lie ‘bout it,
my street *ss knows
no i never like to brag but p*ss me my gold
i got some twills on, coca the wrong wanna tell on
f*ck a label, put my cell phone,
b*tch got it paper through my cell phone,
for real.

this is why the mother hoes is under me,
bring a f*cking army, if you come from me,
… f*ck out if you wondering no feelings for you…
what the f*ck you even done for me.

uh, 40 hoes they al bomb,
hungry b*tch get your jump on,
disrespect me and get stumped on
b*tch you heard about that wonton.
that wonton, that wonton,
i heard them b*tches of that wonton
that wonton, that wonton,
hold that at me for that wonton.

i heard it’s c*ka, getting stuck and you know
honey whatever you like, i got it all for the low,
you respect me, i respect you b*tch the drama is oh
if you push me in these over streets
i drop in front of your door,
like knock knock, side snitching
give a f*ck bout what the cops got
it ain’t a game bring your *ss to my top shop,
like f*ck the fame and f*ck a top spot, b*tch.
devil all in my ear,
hand all of my none, i’ve been fresh 20 years,
i should’ve seen the signs,… how they doubt of me,
now the f*ck is trying to… is no hate but i f*ck with you,
at least i’ll say look out for me,.


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