that’s how the story ends lyrics – five iron frenzy

once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary
suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping
long ago i heard that sound, often lost, but seldom found
a haunting voice from minutes past, micah had returned at last.

and i was like, “what’s up dude?”
and he was like, “uhhh, i found your comb.”
and then i was like, “shut-up!”
and then he was like, “yeah, and stuff.”
and then i was like, “rock on!”

and that’s how the story ends
now you hear the score my friends
we’re finding answers, we’re setting trends
i guess that’s how the story ends

how distinctly i remember, it was in the bleak december
and each dying ember, wrought its ghost upon the floor
i heard a voice that chilled my spine, i saw what i could not define
a sight i never could contrive, there stood brad at last, alive
“where have you been these endless years?”
i asked him, sobbing through my tears.
“i did not die by plague or prison
what really died is cynicism.”

and then i said, “awesome.”
and he was like, “yeah, i guess
and by the way, those pants, they belong to my dad
and they’re not really pants, they’re leiderhosen.” hooray!

and combat chuck has p*ssed away
his dying wish was “never play that song again”
and kitty-doggy’s put to sleep, the dinosaurs lay in a heap
as they slowly go extinct, like me

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